10 Reasons Python Is Better Than Java

  • Programs are much smaller, about 30% of the size and are faster to write. We normally charge less for Python assignments compared with other programming languages because of this, so for Python homework help you not only get your homework but save money as well.
  • Although you can use maps in Java, since it is a library function rather than built in to the language, the syntax is nowhere as concise.
  • The ability to call a function and then resume then next time it is called, makes certain tasks much easier.
  • Operator overloading. If you have a fraction class in Java and Python, they can do the same things, but to use it in Python you can write code like the following, half = fraction(1, 2); quarter = fraction(1, 4); print((half + quarter) * half) which would output 3/8. Compared to the Java where defining the variables would be similar but the calculation would be System.out.println(half.add(quarter).multiply(half)) which is a lot less readable. If you need Python homework help on an assignment with overloaded operators, we can explain them to you and implement a full set of operators appropriate for the assignment.

File handling. To read a file line by line, the following code is much simpler than Java.
With open (“readme.txt”) as f:
for line in f:
print (line)

  • Python has pip to easily install a package, so you can use pip install django to install the latest version of Django for example.
  • Django is a web framework, that has an ORM (easy access to the database), built in admin, users and security model that is extensive, templates and can easily be extended. We offer Django websites as Python assignment help.
  • Functions are objects. You can pass a function as a parameter to another function, say you have a procedure that operates on an image, you could do image.modify(greyscale) or image.modify(brighten) where the function passed returns a new RGB value for a single pixel.
  • Because functions are objects, we can apply decorators to them, so a profile decorator could record the time the function was called and returned and then display the difference.
  • Default arguments. In Java you end up writing the same method multiple times if you want to simulate default arguments. Since Python has default parameters this is much more declarative and compact.

Python is an ideal language for beginners, but it is very powerful which makes it one of the most used languages in a wide variety of fields. The only drawback of Python is that it is slow to execute compared with C++ and Java, but a lot of programs are only used a few times, and since the development in Python is much faster than other languages, it can be quicker to develop and run a program, than to write the same program in another language. So it makes a good prototyping language even if performance is a requirement for the final version.

At Programming Homeworks Help, we can offer Python assignment help in either Python 2 or 3, please mention which as there are a few differences between them.