If You Need are Looking for Some Programming Project Help

Programming Project HelpIf your final year, you may need to program a large scale project, either alone or a part of a team. We can provide help with long term projects, including team based ones. I’ll go through one of the larger projects I’ve done, which was an assembler.

An assembler converts opcode in the form MOV AX, DX into the actual byte values that represent the code that is executed by the processor. The project had multiple options where you could go for a greater grade, so a 2 pass assembler was the default, but switching to a 1 pass assembler could earn you extra points (I implemented the 1 pass assembler), in addition, I made the parsing incredibly fast by hashing the instruction opcode and the jumping to the routine to encode that instruction. Adding additional instructions and addressing modes also improved the points, and there were also points each sample program you wrote that could use the assembler (I think I had 21 separate assembly language programs, that demonstrated not only different instructions but also ran and performed some task). Writing a 1 pass assembler means that you don’t detect some errors until the program finishes, so the symbol table has to have references to all the unresolved values and you can report on the first one, and fill in the values once you encounter the definition. The complications come when you have relative instructions, as you have to consider short jumps forward which would normally involve a shorter instruction, but you have to use the longer form if you are doing a 1 pass assembler.

A long term project can be done in stages (and is recommended to be done this way, so you can show progress and commits to git), and payments can be arranged for the completion of each stage. We can even work with others on your team if it is a team project, either directly (using email for example) or indirectly (sending email to you to forward to the other members of the team). A project can take months to complete, but we would be able to complete it much faster than that (although we could arrange to work 1 day a week on the project, so that progress seems more realistic and can respond to feedback from your tutors). I have worked on large scale software projects on a multi year basis, so any University project is small by comparison (I wrote the Java to C++ converter used by Javaground to convert games on Java handsets to run on the Verizon handset which used C++). If you have a choice in a long term project, please contact us first before deciding on the actual project as we can give feedback on the likely costs involved as some will be considerably easier and therefore cheaper.

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